Joining the IEP Staff

We are looking for a recruiting editor who will actively recruit authors of articles in all areas of philosophy. This position can be filled for a short time period, such as several months, rather than being a permanent position. The editor must have a Ph.D. in philosophy. Also, we are seeking area editors for unfilled areas and volunteers to help with copyediting and other tasks. (If you are interested in submitting an article, see the Submit page.)

Area Editors

Philosophy professors are encouraged to e-mail the editor with requests to be an area editor for the IEP. Please check our list of area editors for open positions. The primary responsibilities of area editors include:

  1. maintaining a list of most needed articles in the area,
  2. recruiting authors for articles,
  3. coordinating peer evaluation of articles submitted, and
  4. making a decision about whether to publish submitted articles.


We are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks at different skill levels:

  • Formatters: Articles submitted to the IEP are published by moving the article's text and formatting into the WordPress interface. Volunteers for this task should have knowledge of basic computer and web formatting skills.
  • Copy editors: Copy editors are needed to read through newly accepted articles and make the appropriate changes. Ideally, volunteers for this task should have a B.A. degree in some Humanities discipline, such as Philosophy, English, or History, and have basic copy editing skills; however, you can help even without meeting these qualifications.
  • Recruiters: To help expand the number of articles and the breadth of coverage of important areas of philosophy, we seek recruiters who will systematically contact philosophy departments and organizations requesting submissions. Candidate must have a Ph. D. in philosophy.
  • Computer consultants: The Encyclopedia is in regular need of special help with computer-related issues, such as revising our WordPress program, doing Unix-based programming, or installing software such as statistics programs and search engines. Volunteers for any of these tasks should be professionally trained computer technicians who have experience creating and running websites for businesses or organizations.

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